Our Septic Services

Our Residential Septic Services

We provide a variety of septic services to our residential customers, which include full septic and water well maintenance, vacuum truck service, and repair of all types of soils based on existing fields.

CK Septic Services can provide and install all the components needed or support our customers with their very own install. We manufacture a full line of filters to help with ease of maintenance. Fully customizable hi/low level water alarms with optional safeguarding sensors such as temperature control, filter restrictions, flow rates etc.

We are here for all your septic maintenance needs.

Cistern Tank
CK Septic Service Truck

CK Septic Services

CK Septic has been involved in the septic services industry for many years and we have seen our fair share of work needed for proper maintenance of systems. Septic tanks require routine maintenance to make sure they do not have external water flows due to leakage. We have experience repairing many tanks by replacing broken man ways and/or repairing cracks in the tank. We also provide regular service and cleaning to prevent damage to existing components and equipment. This includes the pump and floats. All of the above is meant to ensure a proper operating system.

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Septic Repair

Advanced Treatment Installations

We specialize in advanced treatment installation and maintenance. These systems are prone to issues due to the lack of or improper maintenance. Since we regularly install these systems, we know how to maintain them properly and keep them operating efficiently.

We also support our customers with tips and tricks for preventive maintenance.

CK Septic Fitlers

Filters and Alarms

CK Septic Supply specializes in building and manufacturing quality components such as filters, septic high and low level alarms, tank heaters, and pipe heaters to keep the system operating properly. Our alarms have temperature controls to warn of any freezing conditions.

We manufacture all types of liquid level alarms, including wireless systems and solar systems at installation. Contact us for more details.

Septic Services


We have been involved in vacuum service for 15 years and have maintained all types of systems. We replace any tank components such as but not limited pumps, floats and alarms. With CK Septic Service you can feel confident that your system is maintained properly.

We also repair and clean water cisterns, to ensure your drinking water is safe. Along with pump inspection and replacement that can be completed during a service as well.

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Septic Repair

Septic Fields

Ck Septic Supply maintains and repairs existing septic fields that are failing. We have solutions for repair of many common problems. Soil based treatment can fail if not maintained.

Let us inspect your system to ensure proper continued operation.

CK Septic New Install

New Installations

CK Septic Supply is licensed by MAO (Alberta Onsite Waste Water Management) to install new systems. We can design and install new septic systems, tanks and all internal components related to septic systems. This includes conventional fields, at grades and sand mounds.

Let us design and install your new septic system.

CK Septic Alarms

Hi/Lo Level Alarms

CK Septic Supply manufactures all types of septic and cistern Hi/Lo Level Alarms: 110 volt wired alarm, wireless alarms and solar powered alarms.

Our units are also equipped with temperature settings to prevent freezing. All units come equipped with a septic float already installed. Our alarms are built with ease of installation in mind, are very reliable, and designed for many years of service.

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CK Septic Filtration Pump


CK Septic Supply manufactures our own pump vaults to protect your septic system and pumps from any contamination that might cause premature failure. These pump vaults are designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Every septic system can benefit from this type of filter installed as a protective measure.

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We offer service and repair of all components and vac truck/flushing abilities for all maintenance required and pump repair services to keep costs at a minimum. We also offer a full line of top quality LED lighting for any commercial needs.